weh weh

i would post a picture of all the stuff i got at otafest but like i lost my phone and its the only camera i have so i guess heres a list of what i got

  1. four posters (a soul eater one and three black butler ones)
  2. a grell lunch kit
  3. seven buttons (five madoka magica ones, a tiger one, and three pokemon ones)
  4. and a soul eater box set of the complete series 


on an unrelated note- does anybody know a good way to make custom charms & stickers?? 

so im considering making this into a sticker or maybe a charm?

yes? no? what do you think?

tattoo shows always make me wanna draw stuff like this

??? a very bad attempt at one of my OCs

it like doesn’t even look like her dangit 

hhhha hhhhha

i am oh so very tired

character (c) Chase-The-Ace @ DeviantART.com

furry noiz because furry noiz

I drew this without a ref so I prob got a few things wrong oh well

school was bor-ing today so I did this instead

the cutest lil pup